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Ryerson University
About Ryerson University

We are proud to be Canada’s largest, most successful continuing education program, with a growing number of learners that last year surpassed 65,400 registrations.  Continuing education at Ryerson provides relevant and superior-quality educational programming geared to adult learners in all stages of life.  Our instructors combine theoretical knowledge with practical, on-the-job experience: they’ve “been there,” and they pass that experience on to their students. Continuing education instructors are high achievers who we attract from industry and the business community, along with Ryerson University faculty.

Our students benefit from our connections to other institutions, industry leaders, associations, and the local community. For example, we work in cooperation with other colleges and universities on many projects. In addition, Organizational Learning is creating partnerships with Canada’s most progressive employers, for whom we offer customized programs.

Ryerson University:
350 Victoria Street, Toronto,

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