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Tyndale University College - Toronto
25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto, M2M 4B3
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About Tyndale University College - Toronto

Welcome to Tyndale University College & Seminary, where we integrate faith with learning - a place where you can learn and grow.
Established in 1894, Tyndale is one of Canada's major centres of Christian higher education, the oldest and largest school of its kind in Canada, and the third oldest in North America.

Our faculty has studied at some of the most prestigious universities in the world and come to teach at Tyndale because they have a strong desire to integrate faith with learning. Our students not only love their professors’ hands-on teaching approach, but also the fact that they support their faith.

Tyndale students also love the school’s many benefits, including its strong sense of community and the relationships they establish with Tyndale faculty and students.

Since receiving certification in 2003 to grant the Bachelor of Arts degree, Tyndale has experienced steady growth. It has, however, still maintained its strong tradition of academic excellence and a positive study environment due to its low student/faculty ratio.

Tyndale University College - Toronto:
25 Ballyconnor Court, Toronto, M2M 4B3

Programs Offered at Tyndale University College - Toronto:


Business / Management / Office Services


Education / Teaching


Language and Literature

Language Schools

Liberal Arts and Sciences

Religious Studies

Religious Studies / Theology

Sciences / Environmental Science

Social Sciences and History

Tyndale University College - Toronto Advantages:

Why Choose Tyndale?

At Tyndale University, explore ways to generate change in the world. Challenge yourself to think differently and find ways to shape your surroundings. With small class sizes and opportunities to connect, you won't just be a number. Tyndale professors teach with excellence and become valued mentors.


Explore Faith in Community

Whether in-person or online, Tyndale is well-equipped to connect you with faculty and students using the latest technology for quality learning. As a leader in online education, Tyndale ensures you don’t miss out on opportunities to learn, pray, and grow throughout your university experience.


Expand Your Career Options

Gaining a degree from an accredited university creates many opportunities upon graduation. Join a global community of alumni living out their faith dynamically in their graduate studies and careers. Tyndale alumni can be found in virtually every profession serving around the world.


Take the Next Step

Applying to Tyndale is quick, easy, and open year-round.