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triOS College Business Technology Healthcare
About triOS College Business Technology Healthcare

Over the past 25 years, triOS College has been dedicated to helping students like you get the most from their training to help them prepare for successful careers. We ensure our programs are designed to satisfy your educational requirements and exceed your personal expectations.
Whether you’re unsatisfied with your current job, are planning on returning to work after an extended absence, or are currently unemployed, if you are looking to expand your skills and further your career, you’ve come to the right school.

triOS College offers many options to fit your lifestyle and help you fulfill your future professional dreams. Programs are available in Business, Design/Animation, Health Care, Legal Administration, and Technology.

We have nine campus locations across Ontario, and offer our students job search assistance upon graduation.

Call today to inquire about our programs - 1-877-673-9310

triOS College Business Technology Healthcare:
6755 Mississauga Road, Suite 103, Mississauga, L5N 7Y2

Programs Offered at triOS College Business Technology Healthcare:

Arts - Design / Animation

Business / Management / Office Services


Health Sciences


Law and Justice Studies

Law and Legal Administration


triOS College Business Technology Healthcare Advantages:

Did You Know?
triOS College was recognized by Microsoft in 2001, 2002 and again in 2003 as their top training partner in Canada.

Our Programs
triOS College Business Technology Healthcare is dedicated to helping students get the most from their training, and preparing them for successful careers.

Financial Aid
triOS Financial Aid Officers are available to assist students, who have met triOS admission requirements, in completing necessary documentation and aid in financial planning.

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