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Canadian All Care College - Toronto
305 - 4630 Dufferin St, Toronto, Toronto, M3H 5S4
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About Canadian All Care College - Toronto

Canadian All Care College (CACC) has been an undisputed leader in recognizing emerging job marker demands.  As a career-oriented institution, the faculty at CACC must be the best in helping students learn, and they must have first-hand knowledge and experience that create a rich learning environment. We are committed to offering programs in fields where the students will find fulfillment and the reward of a new life career. The sense of meeting community needs, along with the highest academic and practical experience is the strongest aspects of an education at CACC. It is what makes all our statistics different. You see, we blend our small size classes with our highly educated instructors and we use them to create and nourish our students. Canadian All Care College realizes its community role and is prepared to step forward to meet the challenges that have been dictated by area growth. Employers look to CACC to provide them with solidly prepared individuals, so they can expand and better serve our community.

Our Vision:
Caring Professionals for better living!

Our Mission :
To provide students with hands on, practical, intensive job skill training for a successful career in our professional learning environment.

Our Values:
High academic standard, friendly and professional environment, employability of our graduates.

Canadian All Care College - Toronto:
305 - 4630 Dufferin St, Toronto, Toronto, M3H 5S4

Programs Offered at Canadian All Care College - Toronto:




Canadian All Care College - Toronto Advantages:

  • All our programs are registered and approved with Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities under Private Career Colleges Act, 2005
  • All our programs are approved and financial assistance may be available for those who qualify
  • We have been in the business of delivering education and graduating competent professionals for over eleven years
  • All of our graduates are enjoying their careers in their perspective professions
  • Small size classes secure instructors’ full attention for unique needs of every student, including the ones who have been away from school for a while
  • We provide the highest quality of education possible. We make sure the costs of the programs are affordable, without compromising the quality of education
  • Two conveniently located campuses in Scarborough and North York reach our students from East Centre and West of GTA
  • Practicum placements are available for most of our diploma programs to fulfill our mission of students’ employability
  • We offer full time and part time classes on days, evenings, and weekends
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