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Trinity Western University - Langley
7600 Glover Road, Langley, V2Y 1Y1
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About Trinity Western University - Langley

In 1961, a small group of people had an extraordinary vision to establish a Christian university in Canada to prepare leaders of integrity. They purchased Seal-Kap Dairy Farm and opened the first classes of Trinity Junior College in the fall of 1962 with 17 students. The College quickly grew to 800 students by 1984, when it was granted membership in the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC). In 1985, the British Columbia legislature granted it a charter under the name Trinity Western University.

Trinity Western takes a unique approach to university education. Working from a Christian worldview, it combines ethics and morality with career-oriented disciplines in an integrated learning community. It facilitates whole person development and transforms many young men and women with a vision to make a positive contribution to the world.

Building on its well-recognized academic programs, the University has recently launched a School of Business, School of Education, and TWU Bellingham.

Trinity Western University - Langley:
7600 Glover Road, Langley, V2Y 1Y1

Programs Offered at Trinity Western University - Langley:

Business / Management / Office Services



Language and Literature

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