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University of Lethbridge - Edmonton
1100-10707 100 AV, Edmonton, T5J 3M1
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About University of Lethbridge - Edmonton

Founded in 1957, the University of Lethbridge continues its promise to foster exploration, share ideas and information, acquire technology, cultivate partnerships, and welcome the people essential to advancing an environment that excites and ignites learning. U of L fosters an environment where professors and students are colleagues, where everyone can grow together.

With two Alberta campuses, one in Calgary and the other in Edmonton, U of L offers undergraduate and graduate programs in a variety of disciplines, including the Arts, Sciences, Education, Health Sciences and Management.

With more than 8,000 students, the University of Lethbridge is large enough to provide you with rich opportunities, yet small enough to remain dedicated to a unique personal experience.

University of Lethbridge - Edmonton:
1100-10707 100 AV, Edmonton, T5J 3M1

Programs Offered at University of Lethbridge - Edmonton:


Language and Literature


Social Sciences and History

University of Lethbridge - Edmonton Advantages: