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Stratford Career Institute
About Stratford Career Institute

Stratford has been the career education institute of choice for hundreds of thousands of students.

As an innovative career education institute, we pride ourselves on offering a range of diverse distance education programs designed to meet the needs of our students and the job market.

We continually review and enhance our curriculums so that they encompass the latest industry information. Students enrolled in our career education programs can be sure that they are receiving up-to-date, practical information that will give them the competitive edge when applying for jobs.

The career education programs we offer are designed to offer:

  • Convenience and Flexibility
  • High Quality Learning
  • Guided Support
  • Affordability

Start your new career with one of Stratford Career Institute's many distance education programs. You could earn your career diploma in as little as six months, or take up to two years if you prefer. Enroll in our career education programs online now!

Stratford Career Institute:
PO Box 15028 STN BRM B, Toronto, M7Y 2Y8

Programs Offered at Stratford Career Institute:

Stratford Career Institute Advantages:

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