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Southern Alberta Institute of Technology
About Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

SAIT Polytechnic is committed to providing a unique and rich learning environment characterized by innovation, quality and results. SAIT is also committed to creating a learning environment that is transformative: it enables learners to convert information into knowledge, and knowledge into action. Faculty and staff play a critical role in meeting these commitments.

Learner success and learner achievement are supported by pedagogical approaches that are highly interactive, practical, experiential, and technologically advanced.  The learning experience is further enhanced by partnerships with business and industry, collaboration with other post-secondary institutions, participation in applied research, and involvement in international education and training.

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology:
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Programs Offered at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology:

Aviation / Ground Transportation

Business / Management / Office Services


Law and Legal Administration

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology Advantages:

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