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KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education
About KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education

At the Kingston Learning Centre, we believe that college is a necessary building block in the achievement of your career goals. We believe that hard, practical work is enjoyable because it leads to solid skills, self-fulfillment, and the career of your lifetime.

We take pride in our curriculum, which is continually reviewed, ensuring that you will be effectively trained before you embark on your new career challenge. You will be taught by a dynamic group of practicing professionals willing to share their real world insights and experiences.

We also take pride in our facilities where small class sizes and an abundance of individual attention are the norm.

An education at The Kingston Learning Centre offers you an advantage in today’s competitive job market, as our programs are designed to prepare you for today and tomorrow.

We look forward to discussing your opportunities with you, personally.

KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education:
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Programs Offered at KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education:

Arts - Design / Animation

Business / Management / Office Services



Health Sciences


Law and Legal Administration

Social Sciences and History

Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality

KLC College: Healthcare, Business, Education Advantages:

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